Solo Day Sports


The champions of tomorrow are hustling today!

Contemporary ideas with comprehensive experience, Solo Day Sports conducts sports events and tournaments with the goal to upgrade the present scenario of sports in the country and create future champions. With the distinctive understanding of a large array of sports, we take pride in the extensive training we provide, essential for the development of our clients. A young team of spirited individuals; we believe in bringing both technical aptitude and creative flair on the field. From organising individual events to grand tournaments, we have sports specialists at our end to make sure the constant emergence of talent doesn’t stop.


Reveal the true foundation of sports and exhibit the greatest sport show on earth.


sports are usually competitive physical activities or games which aim to use, maintain and improve physical ability and skills , while providing enjoyment to participants and entertainment for spectators. Play more and more sports and be physically and internally fit.


Its aim is to provide maximum exposure and opportunities for individuals and organizations with passion for sports excellence, as well as fostering and encouraging the growing trend of sports participation in UAE.