Every player is a champion.

Their drive makes the difference!

Motivation, guidance, and training – three aspects that define our coaching. With intensive and methodical workouts two to three times a week, and building a love and excitement for both indoor and outdoor sports, we don’t ignore any aspect of training. We ensure our students and clients don’t just show their best game on the field but also carry the lessons learned in their walks of life. Our coaches understand the kind of training each player needs in order to show their best game on the field. The desire to succeed is reinforced in every student so that their energy is channeled in the right direction, towards making them world class players and better individuals. For this reason, Solo Day Sports has devised an integrated technical program which includes overall growth of all the prerequisites: Skill – Physical – Tactical – Mental, so that every person who gets on the field, doesn’t just feel like a champion, but also plays like one.